2023 New Collection

We believe that our culture can be embraced, celebrated and enjoyed without compromising our identity.

Goanna Collection

The goanna is moves across the sand slow and steady and with grace or at lightning speed. Wonders the land searching for food and then bathes in the sun or in the shade on the branch of a tree where it rests. This piece represents that goanna walking slowly and steadily across the land.

For My Daughters Collection

This piece represents my daughters and the strength that they hold as First Nations Girls and then women. It represents the strong women in their life (both First Nations and not) and the guidance they provide to my daughters. They are strong, beautiful, and most importantly they are fiercely independent.

Life Collection

This piece represents life. Starting from the bottom of the artwork it represents First Nations people living on the land with an abundance of food and people. The middle section represents the transition and journey through life, and the top represents those who are no longer with us but have guided us to where we are today.