Our Artist and Owner began painting whilst living in Sunbury, Victoria as a way to stay connected to his home more than 2000km’s away and has never stopped. He believes that there is an inherent connection between the past and the present and that connection guides our future. He believes that this connection can be told using a combination of modern and traditional art that pays respects to his past and strengthens the present.

C O R P O R A T E   W O R K S

  • Northern Territory Department of Health
  • Maxima Group Pty Ltd
  • Australian Regional and Remote Community Services

P R I V A T E   W O R K S

We commenced the individual sale of artwork in 2022 and aim to support artists in their sales ensuring that the majority of profits go to the artist.

“Our 100% First Nations representational artwork comes from the heart and from the land.”


New Artworks are Coming Soon.

Stay Tuned!