Signature Collections

We believe that our culture can be embraced, celebrated and enjoyed without compromising our identity.

Kangaroo Collection

The Kangaroo is an iconic Australian animal that appears across our vast country. It has also always held significant importance to First Nations people as both an important food source and for some part of their greater story. This piece represents the Kangaroo in bush, in nature where it is free.

Emu Collection

The Emu the second largest bird in the world and is another iconic Australian animal that appears across Australia. Emus are found in almost every corner of the country and on our Coat of Arms. For First Nations people the Emu holds significance as a food source and as a part of our various stories. This piece represents the Emu walking across the country.

Water Collection

Water is an integral ingredient in the recipe of life and in the desert knowing where and when to find water can be the difference between life and death. This piece represents a time of rains in the desert. The ground is soaked, and all the animals, plants and people are nourished but don’t be mistaken these times are not constant.

2023 New Collection



For My Daughters