cultural journeys awareness session

Break Barriers

Promote Understanding

Expert Instructor

10 years of experience in both the Corporate and Not-For-Profit Sectors

Course Certificate

Recognises the unique growth and learning of individuals and businesses

Flexible Scheduling

Timeframe options to fit your organisation’s requirements

Follow-Up Support

Maintains relationships with organizations post-engagement

Learning Outcomes

What You Will Learn

Explore your current level of knowledge

    • Understand what culture is and why it is important
    • Identify your current knowledge of First Nations people and culture

Explore the nuances of Culture

    • Understand cross-cultural situations
    • Identify scenarios where culture plays an important part in the growth
    • Understand some of the cultural barriers and solutions of First Nations people

Explore historic and current Prejudices

    • Understand the impact of prejudices and their impact on First Nations people
    • Identify internal prejudices
    • Learn to be open in your approach with First Nations people

Explore Australia prior to the arrival of the English

Understand what Australia looked like to First Nations people prior to colonisation and what it looks like today

Explore Traditional Learning Methods and how they apply today

    • Learn about Traditional Learning Methods
    • Identify how to apply traditional learning methods and how to engage in an appropriate manner
    • Understand the impact of cross cultural learning situations

Explore historic events that impact today

    • Learn about the events that shaped the Australian Landscape
    • Learn about the impact of events on First Nations people

Reflect, Commit, Make a Difference

    • Reflect on your Learnings
    • Commit to implement your learnings
    • Make a Difference


Success Stories

Discover how our Cultural Journeys Awareness Session has made a lasting impact on individuals and organizations. Hear from our satisfied clients as they share their transformative experiences and newfound cultural understanding.

Great way to gain understanding of aboriginal culture and traditions.

It is delivered in such a fantastic way that it is not about any “us vs them” it is simply education and through that education can help build relationships with aboriginal people knowing how they talk, act, behave, etc


Really valuable insights.

Anthony shared some really valuable insights around the challenges and barriers First Nations people face every day. He also shared knowledge around culture and traditions that was interesting and helped me to better understand First Nations cultures.


Well informed and accurate.

I also found it very interesting. I feel you were engaging and helped me to understand how people from other cultures may feel in certain situations which can help with future relationships.