Cultural Journeys Mentorship

The Cultural Awareness Mentorship aims to break down the barriers between First Nations and non-Aboriginal people through addressing the common misconceptions and misunderstandings.

3-hour Cultural Journeys Mentorship where we go on a learning journey to:
  • Explore your current level of knowledge
  • Explore the nuances of Culture
  • Explore historic and current Prejudices
  • Explore Australia prior to the arrival of the English
  • Explore Traditional Learning Methods and how they apply today
  • Explore historic events that impact today
  • Explore relevance and application to your role
  • Reflect, Commit, Make a Difference
    Post-Engagement Support

    Over a 12 month period with personal access via Whatsapp.


    Certificate of Completion and receipt of the Silver Digital Badge signifying your completion of the second step in Cultural Understanding


    Mindset Journey: Your Path to Growth

    Are you wanting to grow your career or have an employee that you would like to see succeed? With over 10 years experience in both Corporate and Not For Profit Sector we are well equipped to provide the guidance required to facilitate Career and Business growth regardless of what point in your career and business you are.

    1-hour in-depth Career Exploration Mentorship Session where we go on a journey to learn:
    • Mentorship Introduction
    • Passion Exploration
    • Mindset Journey
    • Goal Setting Journey
    • Accountability Journey
    Post-Engagement Support

    Over a 12-month period with personal access via Whatsapp.


    Cultural Journeys Welcome Pack