Recognition System

Cultural Competency doesn’t happen in a day! Thats why we have created a unique recognition system that is designed to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of First Nations People and Cultures.

3-Tier Recognition System

This system acknowledges the evolving nature of cultural engagement and recognises the different paths through which individuals can enhance their cultural awareness. Whether you are exploring First Nations cultures through online training, engaging in face-to-face interactions, or immersing yourself in on-country experiences, each tier recognises the unique growth and learning you and your staff have undertaken.

Bronze Recognition

– Online Training

You have successfully completed online cultural training and utilise online resources to expand your knowledge and support for First Nations people and cultures. By embracing this you have taken the first step on your path to understanding the Traditions, Customs and Values of First Nations people while fostering cultural sensitivity and respectful interactions. By embracing the digital world, you have taken the first step on your path to understanding traditions, customs, and values, while fostering cultural sensitivity and respectful interactions.

Silver Recognition

– Face-to-Face Training

Progressing to the Silver Recognition level means you have successfully elevated your cultural journey by engaging in Face-to-Face interactions. You have actively connected with First Nations individuals and businesses in real-world settings, immersing yourself in events and training and have developed cross-cultural communication skills and cultivated intercultural adaptability. Through these efforts, you are now capable of effective interactions and have embraced new perspectives.

Gold Recognition

– On-Country Experiences

You have reached the pinnacle of cultural awareness and understanding. By taking the ultimate step in learning about and from First Nations people, you have embraced the transformative power of On-Country Experiences. These immersive opportunities within specific cultural contexts have allowed you to delve deeply into the intricacies of First Nations cultures. Through this journey, you have deepened your understanding of history, traditions, and beliefs while fostering integration and collaboration with local communities. Your dedication and efforts have truly made a difference.

Cultural Competency : Completion of All

You have achieved Culturally Competent status and earned the fourth and final tier of recognition in your Cultural Awareness and Understanding Journey. This significant accomplishment highlights your commitment to deepening your cultural understanding and commitment to working with First Nations people. You have now obtained the required skills and experience to begin working with First Nations people and communities.

Remember, your journey doesn’t stop here. To maintain your competency, it is essential to develop an annual education and engagement plan that ensures continuous learning through online, in-person, and immersive experiences.

Keep evolving and embracing cultural understanding!