What People Are Saying

“Increased my cultural awareness, engaging and interactive session.”

“Anthony did a great job at presenting on behalf of first nations people and educating the group.”

“This training was very informative and I felt safe to speak my mind.”

“Training was delivered very effectively. Everyone was clear about the journey of first nations people.”

“Special thanks to Anthony, I’ve attended two of his sessions now and he is phenomenal.”

“I found Anthony’s approach to be insightful. His knowledge on Cross Culture is highlighted on how he delivers the training. I highly recommend his company.”

“My first workplace Cultural Awareness I have received. It is an important conversation to have and I’m glad that the training is being delivered in workplaces. Great work Anthony!”

“I learnt so much and feel grateful to have been able to attend such an informative and special training session.”

“This session is a really great way to gain understanding of aboriginal culture and traditions. It is delivered in such a fantastic way that it is not about any “us vs them” it is simply education and through that education can help build relationships with aboriginal people knowing how they talk, act, behave, etc”

“I feel your presentation was well-informed and accurate. i also found it very interesting. I feel you were engaging and helped me to understand how people from other cultures may feel in certain situations which can help with future relationships.”

“The interactive activities put me out of my comfort zone but I’m glad we did it because I definitely learnt more that way. I do, however, appreciate that I was not forced to speak if I did not want to.”

“Anthony shared some really valuable insights around the challenges and barriers First Nations people face every day. He also shared knowledge around culture and traditions that was interesting and helped me to better understand First Nations cultures.”

“This was the most thorough cultural session I’ve been in.”

“Brilliant eye opening session.”

“Informative and sensitively delivered”

“Brilliant and educational session. The space felt very safe and respectful.”

“Anthony was great! Learned a lot about First Nations that I had very little knowledge about.”

“Good education and useful tools”

“Really meaningful and concise, left me with greater understanding and confidence.”

“Keep spreading this training to all the people so that they have good knowledge about the life and challenges faced by first nations people in the beginning.”