Cultural Journeys

is a 100% First Nations Owned and Operated business committed to creating positive change through the application of cultural principles and practices. Our mission is to foster understanding, build bridges, and celebrate the diversity and resilience of First Nations culture.

Training and Consulting

Empowering relationships, careers, and businesses through cultural consultation and training.


Express First Nations culture with our 100% First Nations Owned Clothing.

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Embark on a transformative Cultural Journey and explore the vibrant tapestry of First Nations culture.

About the Founder

I was born and raised in Alice Springs and am an Arrernte man from south of the town. I am also a proud father who enjoys spending quality time with my family and on my homelands.

Growing up spending my time on country, I grew to know and appreciate how important my connection is to the place I call home.

This connection in a way has also fueled my drive to create positive change. To build effective working relationships with both First Nations and non-First Nations people in their business and their careers that leads to a better way forward for everyone.

It has led me to create Cultural Journeys.

Werte, I’m Anthony Lew-Fatt and I’m here to create positive change!

Whether it’s your workplace or your career. I am here to tell you that you are only one step away from achieving your goals!

Our Services

We believe in the power of consultation and mentorship to build positive relationships and create meaningful change. With over 10 years of experience, we work with organizations to deliver culturally appropriate services that benefit both them and First Nations communities.

Cultural Journeys Awareness Session

Bridge the gap by addressing misconceptions, fostering comfort and confidence in interactions.

Cultural Journeys Mentorship

Foster understanding and confidence through a 3-hour training session, followed by 12-month personalized support.

Career Journey Mentorship

Propel your career with expert guidance, including an in-depth mentoring session and 12-month support.

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